"Impossible to win the Champions League defending with seven players"

After the defeat of PSG (2-1) on Manchester City in the group stage of the Champions League, CBS Sport asked Thierry Henry to analyze the match. The assistant coach of the Devils went from a tackle to the magic Parisian trio: “For win the Champions League, you can’t defend with seven players “.

the Paris Saint Germain lost 2-1 on the lawn of Manchester City. However, the French had opened the scoring thanks to Kylian Mbappé. But then, City activated the steamroller to finally gain the ascendancy and victory. The English are guaranteed to finish in first place in the group. PSG will have to be content with the second and an unfavorable position in the draw for the round of 16.

The former French striker Thierry Henry was invited to comment and analyze the meeting on the American sports channel CBS Sport. Henry was quite worried about the Parisian collective: “If you want to win the Champions League, you can’t defend with seven players. No matter the club, it’s impossible”, launched the assistant coach of the Red Devils.

Thierry Henry who continued his analysis by incriminating the defensive task of the trio MessiNeymarMbappé. “PSG’s full-backs were exposed. The team that wins titles, and therefore the Champions League, has its three strikers facing the ball. That way, the full-backs will feel more comfortable with what they have. happens in their backs.But for now, at PSG, they are too exposed. In the French league it may work, but not against Manchester City. Does the coach Mauricio Pochettino can ask and demand his stars to defend, order them something, or is it the star players who decide and make the law? Thomas Tuchel had already tried to defend the attackers of PSG, he had not succeeded “.

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