Impressive villa is for sale, and especially the garage defies the imagination

You have houses that come on the real estate market and then you have exceptional houses that are suddenly for sale. Like this one, with a very exceptional asset under the ground.

Tommy Huyghebaert

Today at 03:00

A villa-country house located in a park garden of 56,000 square meters. A beautiful outdoor pool. 5 beautiful bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. A beautifully finished double living room, spacious kitchen and guest area. A caretaker’s house. This house has it all.

But the greatest asset of this real estate gem in the East Flemish Ursel is perhaps the underground garage. According to the advertisement of real estate agency Found & Baker Properties, it is 1500 square meters in size and acclimatised. Ideal for a new owner with a large car collection. In case the buyer would not have enough of that large surface area under the ground, he can still park cars in four above-ground garages.

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