Santoro reply to Vidal en Twitter Photo Maxi Luna
Santoro responded to Vidal on Twitter. (Photo Maxi Luna)

The national deputy of the Frente de Todos Leandro santoro highlighted this Thursday that despite the inflation of just over 50% in 2021 the country showed a growth of 11%, and still in the middle of the pandemic and “renegotiating a debt not contracted” by the current government, among other adverse factors.

In his Twitter account Santoro replied to the former governor and current national deputy Maria Eugenia Vidal, who said that there was an annual inflation of 50.9% with the expression “data kills story.”

Santoro countered “Inflation 2019: 53.9%; Fall in activity 2019: 2.1%. The Country they left. Data kills story“.

“Inflation must be lowered. But in the context of a Pandemic, renegotiating a debt not contracted by us, with exchange rate pressures daughters of capital flight and rising international inflation … in 2021 Argentina grew 11%,” emphasized Santoro .

And he finished: “In 2019 there was more inflation with recession.”

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