Honka (Jonas Dassler) in the Golden Glove

The golden glove has no mercy. Not with his characters and certainly not with us as spectators. The shocking milieu study about the serial killer Fritz Honka (Jonas Dassler) is probably too repulsive even for the harsh horror hype on Netflix: On October 21, 2021, the streaming service throws the film out of the program.

Serial killer shocker on Netflix: That’s what The Golden Glove is all about

In the dreary Hamburg of the 70s, the pub Der goldene Handschuh is a catchment basin for losers of all kinds: Unemployed people, prostitutes and ex-Nazis drink each other senselessly next to each other. They also include the disfigured unskilled worker Fritz Honka, who mainly uses the shop to get to know women.

However, four of the women never return from these meetings: The sexually frustrated and choleric alcoholic Honka kills her in his apartment, mutilates the corpses and hides the remains in the attic. The police only track him down by chance.

The ornate disgust make The Golden Glove unique on Netflix

Honka (Jonas Dassler) in the Golden Glove

Director Fatih Akin could have approached the true story from many angles. But the result is a work of incredible coldness: At no point does the film feel sorry for its charactersall of which are battered by life. There is no moral authority here; the camera seems to be indifferent to the brutal murder of Honka’s victims.

Accordingly, many critics felt that the film celebrates contempt for women and disgust (via SRF ). In fact, the film defies all judgments and shows life and deeds of Honka, as if the camera itself were an alcoholic in a stupor: little emotion, helpless, without a basis of morality.

The look of the film is impressive: The worn 70s jump towards you with perms, turquoise eyeshadow and brandy advertising. Wanting to see enough of this wealth and then shrinking from disgust: The golden glove has more heart for spirits than for those who drink them. In a fascinating way, that makes it one of the most disgusting German films in a long time.

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