Murilo Huff during presentation.  (Photo: Paul Francis)

During the presentation, the artist asked fans to remember with affection the queen of the sertanejo

Murilo Huff during presentation. (Photo: Paul Francis)

The country singer Murilo Huff made, at dawn this Saturday (15), the first performance in Campo Grande. With an expressive audience, the singer performed career hits, such as “Idiota Favorito”, paid tribute to his ex-girlfriend Marília Mendonça, in addition to singing hits by other country artists.

Some fans arrived four hours before the start of the show and lined up at the entrance to Ondara Palace. Excited, Gabrieli Zaratin, 22, was the first to arrive at the scene.

To the B side, the young woman commented that she has been following the artist for years and was hoping to hear some of her favorite songs. “I’ve been anxious since last week. In November, I found out about the show and planned to come. I’ve liked him for a couple of years, my favorite of his is ‘Favorite Idiot’”, he says.

In addition to her, the group of friends Adriana Marhold, Katiuscia Maciel, Pietra Marques and Andreia Marhold also insisted on arriving earlier.

Asked if they liked Murilo under the influence of Marília Mendonça, they assured that they admired the singer before their relationship with the queen of the sertanejo. “The girls followed and followed his career more. It’s the first time we’re going to see the show too”, stated Adriana.

Friends arrived early to follow the event.  (Photo: Paul Francis)
Friends arrived early to follow the event. (Photo: Paul Francis)

With the opening of Maria Izabel, the event started around 11 pm. The singer brought old compositions from her career, interpreted the latest hits and cheered up the audience that, little by little, filled the hall. The performance continued until midnight, when Murilo Huff arrived.

As soon as he started singing, the crowd rushed to the front of the stage to pay close attention to him. Excited, during the event, he performed songs such as, “Nunca Vai Ser Nós”, “Uma Ex”, “Tentei Te Esquecer”, “Baby Me Atende” and “Batom de Cereja”.

At 00:40, the countryman sang a song resulting from the partnership with Marília Mendonça. After “Frieza”, Murilo sang “De Quem É A Culpa?”, which was one of the first hits of Marília’s career. While interpreting the song, the screen displayed photos of the singer during the shows, alongside friends and family.

The event had a large audience.  (Photo: Paul Francis)
The event had a large audience. (Photo: Paul Francis)

During the tribute, he asked fans to remember Marília with affection. “Whenever we hear a song by Marília, whenever we talk about and remember her for whatever reason, we will do it with a smile on our face. She has dedicated her entire life to bringing you joy,” he said.

Check out the video in full:

After the tribute, Murilo Huff’s show continued for another hour until the end.

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