In Afurada in the 60s and 70s, fishermen and varinas lived facing the sea | Photography

Carlos Tê describes, in a letter music by Rui Veloso in 1980, an Afurada where “the fishermen talk at the door of the tasco”, where “the old women sew their nets smelling the north wind” and the varinas have “mourning always at hand”. It is this Afurada, before and after, that appears in the period photographs on display on the ground floor of the Arrabida Shoppingin Vila Nova de Gaia, until the 27th of February.

A exhibition, organized by Afurada Heritage Interpretive Center, reveals the daily past of “a community that has always dedicated its life to the sea”. The approximately 30 photographs, gathered by the Interpretative Center together with amateur photographers from the region, are, in the same space, accompanied by videos with testimonies of “elders” from São Pedro da Afurada and live shows by three local folklore groups that take place every Saturday in February at 5 pm. On the 11th of February, the Afurada Folklore Ranch performed; on the 18th of February it will be the turn of the Cantadoiro group and on the 25th of the Varinas da Afurada.

The Afurada of the present contrasts greatly with that of the past, but without losing its connection to the sea. Local accommodation, scooters, the many tourists looking for a picturesque setting are gradually changing the face of the small town.

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