In Ansião, there is a modern house that is born from a circle and travels to the past | Architecture

The old threshing floor was reformulated, but the tree that functions as the central point of the space remained, now uniting the exterior and interior of a new house. At Casa Chouso, located in the village of Casal de São Brás, in Ansião, Leiria district, the materials blend in with the rurality of the area, while the view of the Serra da Sicó fills every room.

The courtyard circle is the highlight of the project which, describes the architect Bruno Dias, works as a link between the social part — which includes the barbecue and the garage —​, and the private areas of the bedrooms, kitchen and living room. “It is one of the highlights. It is the permeability that the house has over the view. The house lives for the landscape and lives with a lot of privacy”, he explains in an interview with P3.

Inside the house, elements such as stone, wood and metal stand out that ensure comfort and, at the same time, modernity. The view from the windows and the extension of the pavement to the outside provide the union with nature and the modesty that the owners so desired.

“The vegetation of cork oaks and oaks is very typical of the area and the small bush was the space that people used for grazing. We wanted the house to have a piece that was part of the place,” she adds.

Casa Chouso, which began construction in early 2019 by the studio Bruno Dias Arquitectura, was completed earlier this year. Hugo Santos Silva photographed it, capturing the articulation between modern lines and traditional elements.

Bruno Dias was also responsible for the construction of Casa Âmago, located in the same location, and which also stands out for its rounded shapes on the outside. The aim, he points out, “was not to make a coherent shape”, but rather to create a path through the circular shapes. “I think that organic shapes give a sense of course, while right angles almost limit us to that course”, he justifies.

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