In Fantástico, Iza reveals a flaw and talks about returning to the stage

After releasing the newest song, titled ‘No filter’, Behind participated in the Fantastic last Sunday (21st), and commented on the personality. According to the singer, she is a very critical person and generally cannot watch herself.

“I am very critical, especially when it comes to my work. For example, I don’t watch myself. I’m starting to watch myself now”, pointed out the artist.

Next, she said that even with more time amidst the pandemic, failed to be as productive as a result of the deaths of Covid-19 victims, which in Brazil has already killed more than 600 thousand lives.

“Sometimes I just wanted to survive, to have a good day. It was towards the end of December (of 2020) that I started to feel a little safer, at least I started to understand this whole crazy thing better. That’s when I started to have peace of mind to create, because I need it”, he said.

Return to the stages

In another excerpt of the conversation, Iza, who is also part of the cast ofo The Voice Brasil, highlighted that, feels very anxious to return to the stages. In addition, she spoke about the realization of her dream of performing at the Rock In Rio de 2022.

“I’m very anxious, wanting very much for it to work out. I don’t even know what’s going to happen to me when it happens again, when I get up on stage and see that crowd of people again. I hope this can all happen very soon. It’s a dream that is coming true much sooner than I expected. it’s very crazy [uma hora] be saving money to be there. And now I already have a ticket to see Justin Bieber, singing on the same day as me!”, he commented.


Always stylish, the star revealed in conversation with the magazine Quem que, has always been a great admirer of fashion. Graduated in advertising and advertising, she sees different paths in the fashion world.

“I always liked fashion a lot, it was even one of the colleges I thought of going to. Clothes sing for me when I’m not singing. I know they are a way to communicate, to feel safe, after all they are my allies. I think it’s cool that people pay attention to that. And I understand the impact this has on the lives of girls who are inspired by me and my work. Fashion has no rules, no right and wrong, no right color. I’m a half street person, I like to combine street with glamour”, he stated.

Rafael Carvalho

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