It is not yet clear whether the low-alcohol flow has harmed nature.

It is not yet clear whether the low-alcohol flow has harmed nature.


For more than a week, a real beer stream flowed through the territory of one of the main islands of the Hawaiian archipelago, Oahu.

But the authorities caught on and cut off the source of the low-alcohol stream.

The fact that the water in the Waipio Valley stream is no different from beer was noticed by a local eco-activist. She also filed a complaint with the state health department, stating that near the stream the smell is “like in a pub that has not been aired for three days.”

The studies carried out have confirmed that the waters of the stream really contain hundredths of a percent of sugar and as much as 1.2% alcohol.

The investigation led experts to the warehouse of a local alcoholic beverage manufacturer. It turned out that the storm pipe was to blame for everything, through which beer quietly flowed from the warehouse into the stream. And the employees of the company did not even suspect about the leak – now they will have to find out how it had arisen at all.

But the efforts of the eco-activist brought one disappointment to local youth – over the past week they have already managed to get addicted to gratuitous booze. What happened under the influence of alcohol with the flora and fauna of the reservoir, as well as what losses the manufacturing company suffered, is still unknown.


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