Afraid, MC Gui saves Rico to escape the countryside

It took place this Saturday, the 20th, in São Paulo, the first Doctor’s Ball. The event served as a platform for the launch of Deolane Bezerra as a DJ and singer.

The most fascinating media phenomenon of recent months has already accumulated other attributions, as a lawyer, millionaire ostentation, digital influencer, creator of catchphrases and widow of MC Kevin.

One of the main questions when the name Deolane comes up is: why is she famous? As I wrote recently, the concept of fame has never been so elastic. The real question is, why does it intrigue us so much?

The show that led to her debut as a DJ and singer may hold the key to the mystery. For about two hours, an in-person crowd, in addition to an average of around 50 thousand people simultaneously broadcast on YouTube, was entertained by the doctor’s conjectures.

Deolane cut out some of the most popular songs of the moment, which she played with the help of more experienced professionals, with overwhelming speeches. It was not always possible to fully follow the concatenations, but the effects were cathartic.

In an excerpt that went viral on the networks even before the event came to an end, the hostess compared herself to dipyrone, a medicine with antipyretic and analgesic functions: “swallows or vomits”. Those present cheered.

One of the most anticipated moments was the performance of the hit “Bipolar”, famous for the chorus “go treat yourself, girl”, which came back to the fore in recent days thanks to a somewhat erratic performance by the novice DJ.

Our heroine didn’t play along. He played the success in the same clumsy way that became a meme, turning the setback into a trademark.

The doctor’s stream of consciousness wandered through many places, such as the need for self-esteem and female empowerment. Aware that he is a model for his growing contingent of fans, he insists on trying to convey positive messages, even when he praised Marília Mendonça.

“Two thousand twenty-one, what a fucking year. I was with the love of my life at 1 pm. At 6 pm I lost it. It was difficult. Two thousand and twenty-one, queen of suffering, Marília Mendonça. When did this one begin. a whirlwind of sensations, emotions in my life, I said: ‘damn, if I sit with Marília, I’ll zero the game. Because Marília is Marília, right. She was the soundtrack of almost everyone who suffered for love. Then Marília called me on the direct: ‘So, when are you going to come to the Mistresses?’ I said ‘my name is ready, I’m ready to go’. And we went, drank. I only drink whiskey, you know. I drank bananas, I was like? In the mouth of the people and in the hands of God. Then Marília went to live with Father in Heaven. I said ‘Lord, I’m going to live. I’m going to drink. I’m going to pray when I have to pray. Because no one knows our hearts, no one knows, people just judge’. Let’s live today, as Racionais says. that tomorrow belongs only to God. And I couldn’t help but remember her. Hey, infidels!”

While the auxiliary DJ played the hit of Marília Mendonça, Deolane called the sisters to the stage. They danced and followed the lyrics emotionally, with great excitement.

The issue of adultery was and is central to Deolane because of the situation that led to the death of MC Kevin. She made references to the case several times. “What is a betrayal close to a death,” he asked at a key moment of the night.

More than that, the entire party also served as an elegy to the work and the love she feels for the artist. She sang along with a hologram, received her ex-husband’s creative partners and sang the blockbuster “Meu Menino”, which already has nearly 4 million views on YouTube with just over 24 hours on the air.

All things considered, I feel she is doing for MC Kevin something similar to what Sean Combs, then known as Puff Daddy, did at the death of the Notorious BIG, preserving the legacy and presenting the late artist’s work to an audience even broader.

Aesthetes in the art of DJing or singing may be frustrated by Deolane’s first official foray into these fronts. But it’s not the technique that explains such a connection with the public. It’s emotional. Transparent and charismatic, she catches the people openly.

Not by chance, in the speech that closed the party, in what could be qualified as a kind of autobiographical TEDx driven by the most played songs of our time, the doctor said: “I promise to improve. I know it wasn’t the best. But it’s going to improve this shit. . Forgets!”

It felt unnecessary. For all that it provided to those who followed its performance, I doubt that anyone left regretting it.

We return at any time with new information.

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