The unforgettable character Inodoro Pereyra with his beloved dog Mendieta.

Every November 26, National Humorist Day is commemorated, thus remembering the birth of Roberto Fontanarrosa, the renowned comedian.

Since 2015, the year in which the Law 27,100, all Argentine comedians commemorate their day on November 26, date designated as a result of the birth of the graphic humorist, and Santa Fe writer, Roberto Fontanarrosa.

The black”, as he was also known, He was born on November 26, 1944 in the city of Rosario, and died in 2007.

From Pereyra toilet to Oily Boogie

Fontanarrosa always defended his beloved Rosario tooth and nailIt was even the town where he stayed until the end of his days. In addition to being a humorist, he was a great cartoonist, short story writer, and novelists.

Over the years, Fontanarrosa became a key figure in graphic humor in Argentina. He created characters that marked many generations of readers such as Inodoro Pereyra and his beloved dog Mendieta.

The unforgettable character Inodoro Pereyra with his beloved dog Mendieta.

Boogie the oily, a hit man with a hyper acid black humor, was another of his most outstanding strips that Gustavo Cova took to the cinema in 2009, with the voices of Pablo Echarri and Nancy Dupláa.

Specifically, the graphic humorist from Rosario became a figure of Latin American letters with his stories about football, also known for his fanaticism for Rosario Central, or inspired by the endless talks in the mythical El Cairo bar.

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In 2015, after his death, came recognition for all comedians, whether graphic or not. And also to remember the “Negro” Fontanarrosa, a popular emblem.

In honor of Roberto Fontanarrosa, the National Humorist Day is commemorated

Roberto Fontanarrosa, a prominent Argentine humorist

Born in the city of Rosario, in 1944. Throughout his childhood he lived in the center of the city, in a building on Calle Catamarca.

It is usually said that from 1973, when Fontanarrosa began to publish his daily cartoon in the Clarín newspaper, people began to read the newspaper from behind. Before, the “Negro” was part of the staff of comedians of a prominent magazine called Hortensia, which was very well received by the people.

Since then Fontanarrosa has not slowed down his efforts. Among his enormous production of graphic humorist, there are two characters that are part of Argentine life: Pereyra toilet, the renegau (a gaucho who rebels against everything, seconded by his dog Mendieta) and the mercenary Boogie the oily one.

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