in honor of the 45th president

At 45 Wine and Whiskey, you can sip a cocktail surrounded by 39 photos of the former tenant of the White House, counted The Guardian. As long as you can afford it.

“Trump’s new bar in Manhattan : glasses at crooked prices with a pinch of narcissism”, title The Guardian. The left-leaning British newspaper went to 45 Wine and Whiskey, the bar that opened in late November in place of Trump Bar, on the ground floor of Trump Tower.

Named in honor of the 45e President of the United States, the place offers a cocktail menu in the same spirit. The Forty Five – whiskey, syrup and bitters, served with two small hamburgers and, “oddly”, a Diet Coke – is 45 dollars, writes the journalist. The Flotus – the “first lady”, for short – is a tonic mix of white wine and gin for 29 dollars, “perhaps an allusion to Melania’s lack of activity in the White House”.

Behind the desk, The Guardian counted 15 photos of the former president in a gold frame. From the side of the room, a huge image of Trump sitting behind his presidential desk.” In all, no less than 39 photos would have been placed in the bar.

Some are a little unexpected: a snapshot of his meeting with the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in the demilitarized zone between the two Koreas; another where he holds a copy of the Washington Post with the title: “Trump acquitted”. (The ex-president was twice impeached by the House of Representatives and acquitted by the Senate.)

“Dictator style”

For the rest, between marble, gilding and red velvet seats, the bar is faithful to the aesthetics of the Trump Tower, the “dictator style”, in the words of fashion journalist Peter York.

The prohibitive rates may explain why the journalist of the Guardian was the only customer for an hour on the afternoon of his visit – after finding the door first closed at 1:50 p.m. and then at 3 p.m., when according to his website the bar is supposed to open at noon.



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