In Iraq, the shattered dream of migrants repatriated from Belarus

Published on : 24/11/2021 – 07:26

More than 400 Iraqi migrants were repatriated from Belarus on November 18. Among them was Wassim Allami, whom our correspondent in Iraq met.

Wassim Allami is one of several thousand migrants who came to mass this fall on the border between Belarus and Poland. After several weeks spent waiting to be able to enter the European Union under extreme conditions, he and 430 Iraqi migrants were repatriated, Thursday, November 18, in an Iraqi Airways flight from Minsk.

After having sold almost everything he owned to go to Poland, without success, Wassim Allami now finds himself with nothing, forced to apply for a loan from the government.

“I hope the government will find a solution because it is because of them that people are leaving. We look at the situation in the country and we say to ourselves that there is no hope, no future here “, he explains at the microphone of France 24.

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