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COVID EPIDEMIC CARD. The coronavirus epidemic continues to grow around the world through the spread of the new Omicron variant. Map of the epidemic in France, contaminations, in Europe, in the world, to travel … Images.

[Mise à jour le 14 janvier 2022 à 16h08] The Covid epidemic continues to grow in France and around the world and is now facing the spread of the Omicron variant, even more contagious than the previous ones (Delta, Alpha, etc.). As of January 6, there are no more countries in scarlet red as the Omicron variant has spread widely. Which countries are in the red on the map of Europe? In the world ? What situation in France ? Here are the latest images published by Public Health France, the Ministry of Health and the Directorate-General for Health and the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) for the epidemic in Europe.

Map of Covid in Europe

Map of the Covid epidemic in Europe updated on January 13, 2022 © ECDC

What are the red zones in France?

The whole of France has gone back to red since November 15, 2021 because the incidence rate is again above the alert threshold.

color covid incidence rate
Map of the incidence rate of Covid in France as of January 10, 2022 © Data-gouv-fr

Map of countries for travel

To cope with the spread of variant Omicron, the country classification in green, orange and red evolved with the addition of a classification “Scarlet”. The map was updated on January 6, 2022 speak government with the countries in green, orange, red depending on the health situation. As of January 6, no country is classified as “scarlet red”.

  • “Green” countries: no active circulation of the virus.
  • “Orange” country: active circulation of the virus in controlled proportions.
  • “Red” countries: active circulation of the virus, presence of worrying variants.
  • “Scarlet red” country: particularly active circulation of the virus and / or discovery of a variant likely to present a risk of increased transmissibility or immune escape.
Map of countries by color for travel on January 6, 2022 © Government; fr

Covid map by department

The number of people tested positive for Covid-19 per 100,000 inhabitants over the last 7 days (incidence rate) is a good indicator for understanding the progression of the epidemic. It is closely followed by the government.

Covid map by region

Below is the map of France showing the incidence rate (number of people tested positive for the Sars-CoV-2 virus per 100,000 inhabitants) over a sliding week, all ages combined, in France.

Map of vaccinations by region

Vaccination against Covid-19 continues to accelerate in France. Geodes has made available a map that lists the people vaccinated in each region.

Covid map around the world

Map of the Covid-19 epidemic in the world, December 31, 2021 ©

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– For French data: dashboard available on and cartographic observatory GEODES of Public Health France.

– For international data: maps from the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

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