In Melgar-Tolima, they play with the dreams of soccer children - TODAY DIARIO DEL MAGDALENA

The children of Sneycamp, a soccer club in Santa Marta, sub-10 category and 31 other teams from different parts of the country, who participate in the 4th edition of Mundialito Incomesa, are “stranded” in Melgar, Tolima thanks to the ineptitude and lack of plantation of the lords of the municipal mayoralty.

The Mundialito Incomesa. At this time the organization regrets the lack of commitment to the agreement by the municipal entity with the loan of the stadium, the last minute changes and conditions have generated a trauma in the realization of such a prestigious event affecting the nearly 2,000 attendees: children , trainers and parents.

“It is a very regrettable situation. Here we are with more than 500 children in addition to their families and the Mayor’s Office at the last minute informs us that they cannot lend us the sports scene. After raising a complaint, they then inform us that we must share the court with another tournament that is taking place simultaneously. Which is not viable, ”denounced Jhan Alcibiades Céspedes.

“The request was submitted in June and only at the last minute did they inform us that they did not grant us permission when the athletes and their families made a great financial and physical effort to travel to the department of Tolima. We don’t know which way to go, or what to do with these children who came to the sporting event excited, ”added Céspedes. Despite the multiple calls, spokesmen for the Mayor of Melgar did not speak.


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