In Nieuwpoort drinking water is made from seawater from the North Sea for the first time ever: “A milestone” (Nieuwpoort)

© Koen Mertens, Nieuwpoort

In Nieuwpoort, water from the North Sea has been desalinated into drinking water for the first time ever. By 2025, a new factory should produce up to 4 million cubic meters of drinking water annually.


Today at 13:29

In Nieuwpoort, the water companies Aquaduin, Farys and De Watergroep have set up a pilot project together. Seawater from the fairway is desalinated into drinking water. This makes Flanders the first region on the North Sea to use the sea as a source of drinking water.

The pilot project should culminate in a full-fledged production installation in 2025 that can ultimately turn fresh water, brackish water and seawater into potable water. The factory will have an annual volume of 4 million cubic meters of drinking water, good for the annual consumption of the city of Ostend.

The aim is to provide Flanders with an adequate supply of drinking water, even in times of great drought. That says Flemish Minister for the Environment Zuhal Demir (N-VA). “This is a milestone”.

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