In photos, Argentina suffers a heat wave with a historical temperature record

The southern summer season has arrived with high temperatures in Argentina and other South American countries, surpassing historical records in more than 40 years. Photo: Page 12

Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, recorded this Friday the highest temperature in the last 64 years, reaching 41.5º in the midst of a heat wave that affects the entire country and promises to last several days, reported the Meteorological Service. National (SMN).

The high temperatures that have been repeated for a week in almost the entire territory do not give up and the day of this January 14 presents thermal marks that exceed 40 degrees in eight provinces.

Catamarca, Córdoba, Santa Fe, Santiago del Estero, Buenos Aires, Entre Ríos, La Rioja and Tucumán are the districts that at 3:00 p.m. had surpassed that mark.

The table of thermal marks of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires has statistics that begin in 1906, placing in the first place the 43 degrees recorded on January 29, 1957.

Due to the heat wave, a large part of the country is under alert, the SMN specified.

These meteorological conditions considered as “extraordinary” by the agency will change as of this Saturday, with “the advance of a cold front from the extreme south to the north that will already cause a decrease in the thermal marks tomorrow in the north of Patagonia and the south of the Pampas region,” he told the agency Telam Cindy Fernández, SMN meteorologist.

Some 17 Argentine provinces have exceeded 30 degrees Celsius, with San Fernando in the Catamarca Valley, Villa Dolores in Córdoba, the Military Aviation School in Córdoba and Rosario in Santa Fe being the hottest points in the country. Photo: Page 12

Daily life has been transformed considerably, with few people on the streets, and those who go out are exposed to gusts of hot air. Photo: Page 12

The authorities recommended consuming plenty of water and even drinking even if you are not thirsty; not expose yourself to the sun and avoid it completely if it is over 40 degrees, in addition to wearing light clothing that does not retain heat. Photo: Page 12

In addition, people should avoid alcoholic and very sugary drinks, abundant and caloric food to preserve their health in the face of this phenomenon caused by climate change. Photo: Page 12

Along with the oppressive heat, the national electricity demand broke a new historical maximum, with a consumption of 28,132 megawatts (MW), for which Argentines have experienced several power outages for hours, having to go outside to cool off. Photo: Page 12

The UN World Meteorological Organization observes the critical situation in the country and warned that “Argentina’s heat wave is affecting health, water and energy supply, and agriculture.” Photo: Page 12

The Government of Argentina declared on Wednesday the igneous emergency throughout the territory for one year to deal with forest fires that, due to rising temperatures, combust more easily in the region. Photo: EFE

The southern cone nation will become the hottest place in the world for a few hours, assuming risks such as the loss of biodiversity and the collapse of natural ecosystems. Photo: EFE

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