In Primorye, the fox settled in the vicinity of the marine reserve - Rossiyskaya Gazeta

A young fox settled in the cordon of the Far Eastern Marine Reserve, he arranged his house next to the housing of the inspectors. According to the press service of the Land of the Leopard FSBI, the animal daily bypasses the banks of the channel opposite the cordon, as if participating in inspector raids.

The inspectors’ red-haired neighbor lives on the Falshivy Island peninsula in the southern section of the reserve. He was first spotted in November last year.

The beast looks healthy and able to get its own food on its own. He is loyal to people, although he does not let him approach him, so his gender is still unknown.

“According to experts, the red predator is already over a year old. In the vicinity of the cordon, it can find a lot of food, including small fish. Therefore, foxes do not experience problems with feeding,” the press service of the reserve said.

In addition to the fox, Far Eastern forest cats, raccoon dogs, and badgers were seen in these places. Animals do not perceive people as a threat, because they practically do not meet them.

“Although the reserve is aimed primarily at protecting marine biological resources, its terrestrial inhabitants are an integral part of the unique ecosystem of the coastal zone of the Peter the Great Bay. Any meeting with a terrestrial mammal in the vicinity of the cordons is of scientific and recreational interest, even if we are talking about the usual for the protected zone of the reserve species “, – said Vasily Gorobeyko, head of the Marine sector of the security department of the Land of the Leopard Federal State Budgetary Institution.

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The Far Eastern Marine Biosphere Reserve, established in 1978, became the country’s first marine reserve, in 2003 it received the status of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, and since 2020 it is under the management of the Land of the Leopard Federal State Budgetary Institution.

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