In Puerto Berrío, Antioquia, 4 members of the criminal gang "Los del Oasis" fell

In Puerto Berrío, Antioquia, and before a judge with a guarantee control function, the Prosecutor’s Office charged four alleged members of the criminal gang Los del Oasis.

The prosecuting body charged them with the crimes of aggravated homicide, conspiracy to commit a crime, drug trafficking, illegal possession of firearms and attempted aggravated homicide.

The investigation in Puerto Berrío

According to the investigation, this gang dedicated to micro-trafficking in Puerto Berrío and its surroundings, and in order to control this illegal activity and the territory, have perpetrated selective homicides, forced displacements and threats.

The arrests were made within the framework of the macro-project against homicide and micro-trafficking in this municipality by the Prosecutor’s Office, the Technical Investigation Corps (CTI), the Police and the National Army.

In the operation, 3 38 caliber revolver firearms, a traumatic mini uzi, 18 38 caliber cartridges, 7 cell phones and 120 doses of narcotics were seized.

Those captured are ED Valencia Uribe, Luis Eduardo T., Luis Erney C. and Andrés Felipe CG, who were sheltered with a security measure in a prison.

Last June, 8 of its members were captured, who were prosecuted.


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