The multiplayer game Valorant will require a TPM chip on Windows 11 to protect against cheats

Along with the advent of Windows 11, it is being decided whether this new operating system from Microsoft will also run on Apple computers that use their own M1 chip. So far, the system has been put into operation, but Microsoft has now confirmed that it does not count on official support.

Even if you own a computer from Apple with the macOS operating system, it is sometimes useful to have Windows available. And not only for playing, but also for running specific programs. This is often solved not directly by installing the system on a computer, but by virtualizing it through Parallels or other solutions. Until now, this program allowed Windows 11 to run for devices running on ARM, but only as part of Windows Insider test builds.

But now Microsoft has spoken out in favor of the web The Registerthat “running Windows 11 on M1 computers is not a supported scenario,” and hopes for an official license purchase option and running the system were dashed. At the same time, the latest builds have started to show hardware bugs, which were fixed by the creators of Parallels, but there is no guarantee that they will succeed next time. According to the web Thurrott but until recently, it seemed that we would receive support.

This is not a very surprising move on the part of Microsoft – there are not many reasons to support its operating system on specific third-party processors that Windows does not use on its own (and does not offer its own operating system for Windows devices). At the same time, however, it freezes all those who sometimes need Windows for macOS. They must now hope that a temporary functional solution can be maintained or that official support will come in the future.

Windows 11 will bring many optimizations. Here is the Microsoft shows in the video:

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