Amado Boudou, rendering accounts in federal justice for various causes of corruption when he was a civil servant.

Just six days after an electoral defeat that was considered by the ruling PJ as a triumph, the living forces of Peronism have already formed a new space for renewal within the governing coalition. The defeat that was triumph did not immobilize a group of militants to announce the new hope to be reborn from a place of defeat that is at the same time a victory. The party reserve was formed as an internal line within the larger and more debated Front of All.

The alliance name thus shows that it is not an empty shell: all is all. Yesterday, from the Mugica Cultural Center, located in the neuralgic historic neighborhood of San Telmo, cradle of the Nation. The brand new space named so to guarantee potential internal divergences was officially launched “Soberanxs”: the use of inclusive language in the word itself that gives rise to this new happiness in motion is proof of the unlimited breadth of its members .

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The “Sovereigns”, in whose initiatory act care for the pandemic seems to have prevailedThe founders of a renovation were presented to the public opinion, which prevented crowds enthusiastic about the proposal from swirling, which, in speeches implied, is vital as long as they are the ones who promote it. The referents of “Sovereigns” are three plus second lines made up of at least one national legislator, Fernanda Vallejos.

The leader, so far, is the former vice president Beloved Boudou, who is serving on probation the last stretch of his two sentences for crimes of corruption that led him to jail, a sentence confirmed even in the last judicial instance of the Nation.

The second reference, not in importance, or perhaps yes in “Political volume”, is the former deputy governor of Buenos Aires, Gabriel Mariotto, fired by the Kirchners when, from the former Comfer, he tried to lead the first advance of the failed implementation of the erratic Audiovisual Media Law. The second outpost, equally unsuccessful, was led by the current Acumar, Martín Sabbatella.

The third in the line of succession of “Sobernxs” is Alicia castro, the former union member of Aeronavegantes, the also former ambassador to Venezuela chaired by Hugo Chávez, of whom she is an emphatic defender. To her curriculum she adds other positions, among them, having also been a national ambassador at the diplomatic headquarters in London, United Kingdom.

Chávez won his heart and even his militancy up to the present. It is a pleasure that the English Prime Minister during Castro’s administration in the United Kingdom, David Cameron, failed to obtain. He could not, perhaps did not want, to persuade her to join the ideology of the Conservative Party. Chavismo yes: merit of the Great Homeland.

The second line of “Sobernxs” is made up of the still national deputy Fernanda Vallejos, who has shown that will not stay still in the last days that remain of her mandate as a national legislator.

What are the main reforms proposed by “Sovereigns”

They were announced in the historic session yesterday in San Telmo. First proposal, among the most important variables of the new space is this: “It is time to establish new priorities; The priority of the Argentine people is not to pay the usury interest of the International Monetary Fund, neither tolerate their conditioning nor tolerate their conditioning ”.

Another proposal is to reform the National Constitution. Large projects, as due to Peronist renovators.

It is still necessary for “Sovereigns” to get at least one national senator to achieve that goal. Much more is needed. Time to time: the next elections are in two years.

Perhaps the most important aspect of the new movement is the call for the Nation to face the dangers described as the collective civic obligation to “defeat neocolonialism and build our integral sovereignty, economic sovereignty, and political sovereignty; territorial, insular, maritime, Antarctic sovereignty: cultural sovereignty, digital sovereignty, food sovereignty, sovereignty of our natural resources ”.

The diplomat Castro alluded in her presentation to the lack of “debate to a Front of All that has lacked it and that it is still only an electoral front ”.

Mariotto said on behalf of all that it hurts the “Sovereigns” “The reality, we do not get used to the landscape of kids who don’t eat.”

Boudou also alluded to the prisoners who inhabit the prisons because of the responsibility of a corrupted judicial system.

Before all of them speak, the detainee for multiple causes was added with their support Milagro Sala, home dam in Jujuy.

The opinions of the “Rulers” sound provocative.

In addition to those already mentioned, the columnist of Página / 12, Weather in Giardinelli. The actress Cecilia Roth and his colleague Luisa Kuliok.

The chronicler is obliged to recall some variables that have not been mentioned in this political presentation, which for now has less than a thousand militants.

Amado Boudou, the multiprocessor who wants to return to big politics

The first of these is that Boudou is perpetually disqualified from holding public office. This is dictated by the jail sentence that he has already served in prison and in a house with a pool and jacuzzi in Avellaneda. It is a benchmark that can never be a candidate for anything.

As confirmed by the Supreme Court, Boudou and a group of friends, among other convicts, “stole” most of the shares of the Ciccone Calcográfica printing company, the only private printer that existed in the Argentina capable of printing tickets, shares, ID or passports. Ciccone was nationalized when he himself was head of the Senate.

Amado Boudou, rendering accounts in federal justice for various causes of corruption when he was a civil servant.

Another of the points that should be known about the “Sovereigns” is the unrestricted defense that Castro maintains with respect to the Chavista regime that Nicolás Maduro leads in Venezuela today: for her in that country there is full democracy and human rights are not violated. It is an essential parameter to know their way of understanding democratic coexistence.

Mariotto complained about children who do not eat in a country lacerated by poverty. The file does not lie: it was an official of the Kirchner administration who he evaded knowing the levels of poverty and famine through INDEC techniques.

Regarding the still legislator Fernanda Vallejos, WhatsApp group was heard describing President Alberto Fernández as a “Squatter”, a “squatter” of power and even called him “entrenched”. The votes of the majority that he voted in the 2019 generals gave him a mandate until 2023.

Perhaps most striking, considering who is proposing it, is the anti-IMF plan.

It so happens that Boudou was Minister of the Economy before becoming Vice President. During his tenure as head of the Palacio de Hacienda, he defended the obligation to pay the amount owed to the IMF in such a way that, in March 2010, he even defended before the National Congress the strategy of using BCRA reserves to face those maturities: “The payment with reserves to the IMF has been a successful experience “he declared.

Boudou was then able to garner praise from “neoliberal” economists. What Domingo Cavallo.

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