Ladder accident / Heraldo de México

On social networks went viral a video in which you can see an attempt to rescue a person who was immobilized, but the result was very different from what was expected. The video in TikTok has had thousands of likes and also comments, some took it as something funny and others recognized that it is a video showing a dangerous situation.

In the video in TikTok you see a person who is on a stretcher and is immobilized. But he is in a ravine and, for this reason, they try to take him out onto the street, where the ambulance and the medical services that will take him to see him are located.

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The paramedics who are treating him put him in a camilla and, with the help of a metal ladder and a rope they tried to climb it, to save time and be able to treat it faster. Unfortunately, things did not go as expected and they put in risk the physical integrity of the injured party.

Several people put the stretcher with the injured immobilized, on the stair rail. A rope at the top would serve to guide the stretcher upstairs. In principle everything looks great, but after a few seconds things get out of control.

The person pushing it loses strength and can no longer guide the stretcher correctly. In addition, the patient was not well immobilized in the upper part of the trunk, so he bent over and made the camilla got out of the stair rail.

Moments later, the stretcher was flying and the person they were trying to climb was hanging from the upper body. At that time the video ends, but you can see the panic that was generated by the accident. And something that could have saved a lot of time, ended up being a great risk for the injured person they were trying to transfer.

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Ladder accident / Heraldo de México

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