In the next two years, 24 metro stations and two new MCD lines will open in Moscow

Photo: Victor HUSEYNOV

Capital builders reported on their work for eight months in 2021 and shared their immediate plans. The main urban projects are still transport.

– By the end of this year, we plan to complete 17.5 kilometers of metro lines, 9 stations on the Big Circle Line and 1 station to open after reconstruction, – reported Deputy Mayor of Moscow Andrey Bochkarev. – And the plans for the next two years include the construction of 58 kilometers of lines, 24 stations and 3 electric depots.

At the same time, the development of the Moscow Central Diameters (MCD) continues. Since the beginning of the year, three stopping points have been built and reconstructed. Six more stations will open to passengers at MCD-4 by the end of 2021. New diameters will not be long in coming either.

– The traffic on MCD-3 is planned to be launched in early 2023, and on MCD-4 – in the third quarter of the same year, – Bochkarev said. – Solutions are being worked out on MCD-5. The MCD routes will improve transport accessibility for almost 7 million residents of 70 Moscow districts and 2.7 million residents of 17 cities in the Moscow Region.

At the same time, the road network in the capital is expanding. The plans for the next two years are 273 kilometers of new roads, 88 artificial structures and 51 pedestrian crossings. In addition, the city authorities are now developing a road construction concept until 2030.


– Today 296 houses are being built and designed for the participants of the renovation. Almost 48 thousand people are already resettled. In the next three years, the construction of new apartments for residents of the demolished five-story buildings is planned to be accelerated so that 120 thousand immigrants celebrate the housewarming.

– Since the beginning of this year, 3195 equity holders have been reinstated. 22 residential buildings have been built for them. Another 25 houses are being prepared for transfer to new settlers. The city authorities intend to solve the problems of all Moscow equity holders by 2023.

– In the next three years, 4 ambulance complexes will be built in Moscow on the basis of large hospitals – the Sklifosovsky Research Institute, Botkin hospitals, Filatov No. 15, Buyanov. By 2024, it is planned to open 74 new medical facilities.


In the capital, scientific and educational clusters will soon appear for two leading universities of the country – Moscow State University named after Lomonosov and Moscow State Technical University named after Bauman. The first building of the future scientific and technical center “Vorobyovy Gory” is being prepared to open in December 2022. And in total, 9 clusters with a total area of ​​455 thousand square meters will be located on the MSU site of 17.57 hectares. 17 thousand new jobs are being created here.

In 2024, Bauman Moscow State Technical University will receive an ultra-modern world-class campus. It will display:

– more than fifteen scientific clusters;

– multifunctional transformable spaces;

– institutions of culture and sports.

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