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Galo has already negotiated important athletes in the 2021 campaign of achievements and, as a result, has generated considerable revenue for planning the current season.

The sale of Junior Alonso brought good value to Galo
© Pedro Souza/Atlético MineiroThe sale of Junior Alonso brought good value to Galo

Atlético-MG has stood out, at least since 2020, as one of the Brazilian teams with the highest number of heavy signings made in national football. However, the Minas Gerais team has not only been on the scene of purchases and high expenses with athletes who arrive at the squad. Now, Galo also makes money from sales of valuable players who were in the squad.

With the departures that took place in the first two weeks of the year, Galo has already collected more than 30% of the planned value in sales for the whole of 2022. Because of this, the club is optimistic about maintaining good negotiations for the season, but without losing the backbone of the team that was so successful in what was the most successful year in Atletico’s history.

all in all, Atlético-MG made R$ 47 million in sales, with the entire amount equivalent to the negotiation of defender Junior Alonso, who went to Krasnodar, from Russia. Or value equals 33% of the R$ 140 million that Galo wants to accumulate in the sale of athletes until December. In addition, it is worth noting that the loans of midfielders Alan Franco (Charlotte FC-USA) and Nathan (Fluminense) had financial compensation to Alvinegro.

“Our plan for the season is that we don’t lose any of these important players who participated in this wonderful campaign. It doesn’t mean we don’t need to sell more. You have access to our budget targets. With the sale of Alonso, we reached 33% of the projected, so this (more sales) will have to happen. Also because it creates an image that we are in a comfortable situation financially, which is not true”, commented football director Rodrigo Caetano.

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