Inauguration of a 1,500 square meter urban agriculture roof in Ixelles

The development of this urban vegetable garden is carried out within the framework of the Maelbeek Sustainable Neighborhood Contract and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Beyond the intrinsic vegetable production, a dual objective, social and scientific, is pursued by this project which brings a touch of green to the roofs and concrete facades that surround it.

The daily management of the vegetable garden is thus left in the hands of the association Refresh-XL, an association which works to make quality food accessible to all. It will be responsible for incorporating into the project “a didactic and educational dimension via workshops, but also support for a vulnerable public, for example by involving the CPAS of Ixelles”, underlines Nevruz Unal.

But the roof is also conceived as a study laboratory on the theme of soil-less agriculture in the Brussels Region. “A study will be carried out in partnership with the Free University of Brussels, and two full times have been made available for this purpose”, specifies Nevruz Unal (PS), Alderman for Urban Renovation and Sustainable Neighborhood Contracts in Ixelles. “It will be a way of exploring the multifunctional character of this type of project, namely not only agricultural production in an urban context, but also its social and environmental impact,” she continues.

A new complex, the result of the “Moineaux” project and complementary to the “L (ag (UM)” project, was also inaugurated during the evening. The street-front building will be composed of “six communal housing units for social purposes and the redevelopment of semi-public spaces including a collective vegetable garden “, details the alderman.

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