Increase to 18 of the maximum age to be adopted unanimously approved | Adoption

Parliament unanimously approved, in general voting, the increase to 18 years of the maximum age for young people to start an adoption process provided for in proposals by the Left Block, PCP, PAN and Liberal Initiative.

A Livre bill was also approved which, in addition to providing for this age increase (from 15 to 18 years), has a few more changes in the adoption process. The text had the vote in favor of the PS, IL, Bloco and PAN, the abstention of PSD and PCP and the vote against of Chega.

Deputy Rui Tavares proposes that children to be adopted be consulted from the age of eight onwards (currently the rule is 12 years old), as well as that the children of the adopter be heard from the same age, and that the process can only be be carried out if the child does not object. It also reduces the minimum age of the person who wants to adopt a child from 30 to 25 years.

All the diplomas are now going to be discussed in the specialty but, taking into account the general consensus, it is expected that they can be approved in a final global vote and go to Belém soon.

Chega saw its bill that extended the rights of those who adopt by increasing the leave period for new parents (which is also increased depending on the number of children and age) rejected, reduced the minimum age of adopters to 25 years and increased the post-adoption follow-up period to two years. The PS voted against, the IL in favor and the remaining benches abstained.

The PCP bill was also approved, resuming the reception measures and the empowerment program for young people and children in danger. The party proposes that young people who are institutionalized or who have been in foster care can continue or return (if they left foster care of their own accord) up to the age of 21 or up to the age of 25 while they are studying. The other measure is the creation of an empowerment program specially adapted to each child or young person.

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