Index - Abroad - A Hungarian family living in Australia spent eight and a half months in quarantine

Judit Vajda and her family in Melbourne spent a total of 8 and a half months in quarantine due to the coronavirus epidemic. The woman working as a journalist said isolation was the worst.

The only thing is that we couldn’t go home because we expected it, because the airspace is closed, but we couldn’t even meet friends here.

He explained to RTL.

Australia had the longest closure in the world, with some of the restrictions lifted in Melbourne on Friday, but only for those vaccinated. Due to the austerity, less than one and a half thousand people died in the country and 130 thousand were diagnosed with the disease caused by the coronavirus. This means that while

  • 3127 inhabitants per million inhabitants in Hungary,
  • In Australia, the same number of people 61

got sick.

Vaccination is already over 90 percent in the state of Victoria, yet most places require a vaccination certificate. Even those who have not been vaccinated are not allowed to work in most jobs.

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