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A bow attack occurred Wednesday night in downtown Kongsberg, southern Norway. Several were killed and wounded, he told Norwegian police az NRK public service channel. According to this, the attacking man started shooting indiscriminately with arrows at one of the local Coop supermarkets, then went on, walking through a fairly large area downtown. The first emergency call ran to police at 6:13 p.m. to see a man armed with a bow and arrows in the city center.

The man was arrested, according to the available information, he acted alone, no one else is being searched

Police Chief Øyvind Aas explained what had happened, but did not mention the exact number of victims. Later, the Norwegian civil service channel reported at least four deaths, although this has not yet been confirmed from official sources.

It is not clear whether this is a terrorist attack, but the possibility is being explored. In addition, the police have not yet provided any information about the perpetrator’s identity or possible motives, only to know that he was taken to nearby Drammen after his arrest. They also ordered all Norwegian police officers to bring firearms. Norwegian police do not normally carry a pistol.

According to Øyvind Aas, the evaluation of the information and the criminal scene in various places are still ongoing. As he put it, the situation is still confusing.

We still have many eyewitnesses we need to talk to

He added.

Kongsberg, with a population of about 28,000, is located about 80 kilometers south of the capital, Oslo. Much of it has now been closed, and in addition to armed police, commando units have been deployed to secure it. More than ten ambulances could be seen at the scene, with police helicopters lining up in the air. It is known that firefighters were also mobilized.

On behalf of Coop, spokesman Harald Kristiansen said none of the company’s staff were injured in the attack.

Norway’s most infamous massacre to date was committed by Anders Behring Breivik, who killed eight people in Oslo on 22 July 2011, where he blew up a hell machine hidden in a car in the government district and then went to Utøya in police uniform, killing 69 young people with automatic weapons. . The mass murderer has been sentenced to a maximum of 21 years in prison in Norway, but the sentence can be extended later if it is deemed dangerous to society after that.

(Cover image: An attack on a bow occurred on Wednesday night in downtown Kongsberg in southern Norway on October 13, 2021. Photo: Hakon Mosvold / NTB / Reuters)

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