Index - Abroad - According to Angela Merkel's husband, German uninhabited people are partly lazy

Speaking to Italian daily La Repubblica on Monday, German chancellor Angela Merkel, the husband of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, said it was shocking that only 68 per cent of Germans had been vaccinated against the coronavirus. Politico from the inspection.

Sauer says this can be partly explained by the laziness of the Germans, but the other part of the unvaccinated is driven by personal conviction, a kind of ideological reaction to what they consider a “vaccine dictatorship”.

As he said, this trend appears at all levels in terms of education, and there are academics and scientists who refuse to be vaccinated. Sauer noted that there is a similar vaccination rate in the United States, but in their case this can be explained by the fact that in some states governors have campaigned against the vaccination.

As for the higher Italian vaccination rate of 73 percent than Germany, Sauer said “how it all started” may also play a role.

I remember very strong images of military vehicles transporting coffins

– recalled the particularly serious situation in Lombardy in the first wave.

According to a recent survey by the Insa polling institute, the majority of Germans support compulsory vaccination.

(Cover image: Joachim Sauer July 25, 2021. Photo: Stefanie Loos / AFP)

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