Index - Abroad - According to the Prime Minister, a ruler living in a gay marriage can also sit on the throne of the Netherlands

The ruler of the Netherlands can marry people of any gender, and in no way loses his right to rule, said Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte on Wednesday.

The prime minister spoke of this after a recent book on the Dutch heir to the throne, Princess Catherine Amalia, raised the issue that under the old laws, a man who marries a gay marriage cannot sit on the Dutch throne.

Following what was written in the book, the Dutch prime minister was also asked by MEPs exactly what the situation was.

The government believes that the heir to the throne can marry even a person of the same sex

Mark Rutte said in his reply.

The successor to the Dutch throne is currently 17-year-old Princess Catherine Amalia. Relatively little is known about his private life or sexual orientation for the time being, and the book about him has so far only theoretically raised what would happen if he entered into a gay marriage.

The marriage of members of the royal family must also be approved by parliament in the Netherlands and there has been an example in the past of a member of the family resigning from his seat in the order of succession to the throne as he was not expected to receive parliamentary approval. Same-sex marriage has been legal in the Netherlands since 2001, but it is not clear whether members of the royal family are covered by the regulation.

In addition to gay marriage, there are other issues that may become questionable in the royal family in the near future. THE BBC for it is not known what would happen if a gay couple had a child through adoption or a sperm donor. Mark Rutte acknowledged in this regard that this could result in a “terribly complicated” situation, as under the Dutch constitution, a king or queen can only become a “legal heir” on the throne.

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