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The man, who lives in Bihar, North India, received his first injection on February 13 last year at a local clinic. Carefully record the location and time of each vaccination. According to his diary entry, he received the ninth seven months later, at 12:32 on September 24, at Kalashan Hospital in Madhepura – he acknowledged to the New York Times correspondent.

“I felt it would help my overall health,” he said in a phone interview.

My back pain subsided, my general well-being improved, and my appetite returned.

Mandal says he was always looking for new vaccination sites so they wouldn’t be recognized.

However, the overdose went on, after which Dr. Amarendra Narayan Shahi, the local chief physician, spoke personally to an elderly man who was almost addicted to vaccines. The former postman testified that he believed the vaccines specifically cured the diseases that were already natural in his bent age.

“I put together a three-member investigative team to find out the truth,” the doctor said.

Of the twelve injections, Mandal received nine after regular registration, for which he provided his ID and his own mobile number. He then switched to alternative identification: he showed his voting card and the mobile numbers of his wife and friends.

Eventually, however, he failed, though it is not entirely clear how. He was presumably bragging about his loss, and a malevolent cast his ear to the local papers.

The district authorities were also informed of this, which also launched an investigation.

Conscious and accidental overdoses

There have been examples of intentional or accidental overdose elsewhere.

The other day, it turned out that probably twelve vaccinees were vaccinated with six doses instead of one at the György Gottsegen National Institute of Cardiology in the capital, where the vaccine was not diluted due to omission.

In May last year, a man was also accidentally vaccinated with six doses in Szombathely. According to László Szakács, before the vaccination, his GP stated that he had not vaccinated anyone with Pfizer, so he could have absorbed too much of the vaccine. The man was taken to hospital. He had a fever and high blood pressure for a few hours, and his head hurt, but he showed no more serious symptoms.

“My head hurts, I’m tired and I’m really scared. But I still live, ”said a 23-year-old Italian girl who also overdosed with Pfizer last May. Doctors were not sure what the consequences of an overdose might be, but they did not experience anything extraordinary during the observations.

Like the Indian postman, an unnamed New Zealand man deliberately vaccinated himself ten times a day, but he took vaccines on behalf of others – for money. It was a dangerous, foolish and selfish decision to inject more than one vaccine in a single day, vaccine experts said.

What are the consequences of overdosing?

There is no evidence that boosting the immune system with 12 vaccines would have any real benefit or help in anything other than the actual function of the vaccine.

There is an ongoing debate about whether re-supporting the immune system will exhaust the body or prevent the immune system from responding to later versions of the vaccine.

An investigation will confirm that Mandal did indeed receive the many doses he recorded in his notebook. Nonetheless, many irregularities occurred in Bihar during the Indian vaccination campaign. It is undoubtedly a huge undertaking, as one and a half billion doses have been administered in the country so far since the outbreak began.

Last September, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday celebrated 25 million doses were submitted. At that time, the state of Bihar topped the list with nearly 3.4 million servings.

Good health is the best way to celebrate the prime minister, ”said the health minister.

However, later reports suggest that the Bihar vaccination numbers were probably inaccurate: the previous day’s data was withheld and the national data was only turbocharged with them on the prime minister’s birthday.

Weeks later, it turned out that in one of the districts of Bihor, the so-called ghosts took place: Prime Minister Modi himself, as well as some Bollywood celebrities, were reportedly among those taking the vaccine in the area but apparently not vaccinated.

Mandal received a simplified registration. He admitted that every time he registered for a new vaccine, he was asked if he had received the vaccine before. “I lied to them every time,” he confessed fragmentarily, but also added that he intended to take even more doses.

(Cover image: Coronavirus vaccine will be administered at a vaccination clinic in Aakhtadi, Rajasthan, India on May 17, 2021. Photo: Rebecca Conway / Getty Images)

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