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Thursday night, Alitalia will fly for the last time, after 75 years it will no longer rise into the air with a green-red logo on the surface of the aircraft.

The airline, created after World War II, was still the third largest company in the world after British Airways and Air France in the 1960s, but by the turn of the millennium its trajectory began to decline, and in the last four years it could only remain on the runway without Italian state aid. past company.

In the last twenty years, a loss-making company has not been helped by the fact that the company’s employees weren’t heartbreaking to strike either, with hundreds of flights canceled this week as well due to employee layoffs.

Alitalia once embodied the dolce vita sense of life, but not only Italian and American movie stars preferred to use the airline’s flights anno, but also the leaders of the Catholic Church. Pope Francis also arrived in Budapest with Alitalia in September.

The company’s silent death was essentially due to its inability to adapt to changes in aviation, its inability to compete with offers from cost-effective airlines (e.g. Ryanair), or Italian land transport, and the rapidly evolving rail has gradually become more attractive to domestic passengers.

The pardon was eventually given to the already loss-making company by the coronavirus epidemic, and Rome no longer wanted to spend money to save it. However, Alitalia’s toolbox won’t go in the trash, the Italian state will take over 52 aircraft, the company’s airport mooring options, and merge it into the state-owned Italian airline Italia Trasporto Aereo with an investment of € 720 million on Friday.

However, no one needs the brand, even though it was wasted relatively cheaply, for 290 million euros, even the state would have given at most only half of the amount.

And how will the pope fly from now on? It turns out the next way.


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