Index - Abroad - Angela Merkel has never supported Ukraine's accession to the EU

The outgoing German Chancellor Angela Merkel did not want to get involved in the conflict with Moscow at all, so she consistently worked against keeping Ukraine closer to either NATO or EU membership, quotes Christoph Heusgent, the German Foreign Ministry’s Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. and citing Russian sources a Carpathian news.

The secretary said the German government was aware that Russia would never support Ukraine’s rapprochement with the West. Angela Merkel also constantly struck a tone that pleased Moscow, says Christoph Heusgen.

As we have reported before, before Dmitro Kuleba, Ukrainian Foreign Minister on EU accession saidthat the country needs to realistically assess the possibilities for integration. However, he noted:

The European Union is going through hard times, and Brussels is no longer the old one. Given the changed circumstances, Ukraine really needs to consider joining the EU.

According to the Foreign Minister, several Baltic states have already been promised membership, but no progress has been made so far. He stressed that Ukraine is constantly negotiating with the European Union on the issue.

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