Index - Abroad - Consulate General of Belarus in New York is closed

The Consulate General of Belarus in New York will close, the Russian news agency RIA Novosty said on Monday, citing a statement from the Belarusian Foreign Ministry that the decision was made at the request of the US side.

According to the Ministry, the Consulate General will cease its activities on October 21. Belarusian citizens living in the consular district of the diplomatic mission, which includes Canada, can then turn to the US Embassy in Belarus for consular administration.

Persons entered in the permanent consular register of the Consulate General will be entered in the permanent register of the embassy from 1 November.

After 15 October, Belarusian citizens will no longer be able to enter the territory of the Consulate General. Receipt and processing of documents sent by post has been suspended since Friday, and the documents will be delivered to the embassy. Telephone administration is also not available.

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