Index - Abroad - Fire trap on the seventh, several people entered the tower block

A fire broke out on Thursday in a thirteen-story building in Kaohsiung City, southern Taiwan. Nine people were burned and 44 were injured, according to the CNA Taiwan news agency, but the number of casualties could rise further.

The building caught fire around three o’clock in the morning and could only be extinguished in the morning, even though about 160 firefighters were working on it with strained force. According to local disaster management information, the fire was extremely strong, the lower floors of the building were completely burned out.

Firefighters search the building and do not rule out that more bodies will still be found inside, as a fire trap broke out between the seventh and eleventh floors, which means in the jargon of the emergency services that the occupants could not escape from there or up. .

The tower block, built forty years ago, was home to at least one hundred and twenty people, mostly older people, including those suffering from old age dementia. The cause of the fire is not known yet.

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