Index - Abroad - Gazprom will cut off gas supplies to Moldova within two days

Russia’s Gazprom could cut off gas supplies to Moldova within two days because they are not paying the price under the current contract, the report said. TASZSZ Russian news agency.

Moldova and Gazprom extended the gas supply contract for five years in October. Following the talks, Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Spînu said the new gas price would be $ 450 per thousand cubic meters in November.

Bearing in mind the economic and financial situation in Moldova, Gazprom has decided to sign the contract on virtually the terms of the Moldovan side, but with one important and important point: Moldova will pay one hundred percent of the gas on time. Deadline for payments is November 22. In light of this, Gazprom today notified Moldova that gas supplies will be shut down within 48 hours

Said Sergei Kupriyanov, a representative of Gazprom.

The Moldovan leadership said:

We have not received any notification from Gazprom about the possible cessation of gas supplies to Moldova. Therefore, we cannot comment on this yet

Said Alina Merlics, Andrei Spînu’s press secretary.

However, later in the Russian media, Vadim Cheban, head of MoldovaGaz, confirmed that he had received the information from the Russian side and that the company would pay its share and not let the gas supply be cut off. The reason for the delay in payments is that new tariffs have come into force with the new contract, Vladim Cheban added.

In the past, the European Union has provided some € 60 million in non-refundable aid to Moldova to help settle a debt it has accumulated to Russia’s gas company Gazprom. Experts estimate that the EUR 60 million disbursed by the committee was enough to pay for about a week’s gas consumption in Moldova.

The Moldova-Russia gas agreement expired in principle at the end of September, but was then extended by the parties for a month. The talks revealed a sharp debate, above all, about Moldova’s high gas prices and the repayment of Moldova’s more than $ 700 million debt. The two sides finally agreed on October 30th.

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