Index - Abroad - Marijuana is also taken home by a food delivery company in Canada

Cannabis will soon be available in Canada in a lifeline phone app called Uber Eats.

Buyers will only be able to order from a drug dealer called Tokyo Smoke on a separate interface in the province of Ontario. Users need to confirm that they are no longer minors and will have access to the drug within a maximum of an hour, the company said. Uber is still testing how well the move will work, and as a result, it has not been announced whether the service can be extended (and if so, when) to the rest of Canada or even the United States.

The move is also interesting because the drug you order will have to be picked up at the nearest store. Under Canadian law, the use of cannabis has been legal since 2018, but its delivery by a third party is considered illegal.

Cannabis has a market in Canada of about 5 billion Canadian dollars (approximately 1,223 billion forints), which is growing, and it is in light of this that Uber is now trying to expand here. In all of this, the Canadian government is also supporting the company, as there are still many illegal sellers in the market despite being legalized.

Earlier, in April this year, the CEO of Uber had already set out to start shipping cannabis in the United States as soon as the legal framework allows.

(via BBC)

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