2021.11.24. 06:09

The accident on the motorway connecting Sofia with Blagoevgrad killed 46 people, including 12 children and a bus driver. Earlier, news agency reported that there were 45 dead, but it turned out that there were one more passenger on board. The survivor of the week, according to fire commander Nikolai Nikolov, is not serious.

The bus carrying North Macedonian tourists was on its way home from Turkey when it approached the strip fence around 2 a.m., causing it to overturn and light up. The accident happened about 40 kilometers from Sofia.

The North Macedonian government has announced a three-day national mourning over the bus crash, which began on Tuesday. National mourning was also proclaimed in Bulgaria, where this misfortune was not the only one: nine people died in a fire that broke out in a nursing home in Rojak. According to a decision by the Sofia government, the flags of Bulgarian state institutions will be lowered everywhere on Wednesday.

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