Index - Abroad - Petr Fiala's government has gained confidence in the Czech parliament

The new Czech coalition government led by Petr Fiala received confidence in the lower house of the Prague parliament on Thursday night, the MTI wrote.

In the 200-member House of Representatives, 106 of the 193 MPs present in the Chamber voted in favor of the government program and 87 voted against it. Due to illness, several members on both sides were absent from the meeting. Under the current rules, in order to gain trust, the governing coalition had to get the vote of a simple majority of the deputies present in the Chamber.

The five-party governing coalition has 108 members and the two opposition parties a combined 92 members in the 200-member lower house. The upper house of parliament, the senate, does not deal with the government program. In the three-decade history of the independent Czech Republic, this was the longest parliamentary session to deal with the government’s program. So far, the House of Representatives has been discussing the new government for the longest time, in 2018. The fastest time, after an hour and a half, was to gain confidence in the Czech government in 2003.

In his introductory speech to the marathon on Wednesday morning, Prime Minister Petr Fiala stressed that the coalition government’s program is realistic, promises unachievable and aims to make the Czech Republic one of the most developed countries in the world.

The UN movement will not vote confidence in a government that lies because it promises unachievable things in its program, said Andrei Babiš, a former head of government who spoke to Petr Fiala’s speech in less than an hour and a half.

Tomio Okamura, chairman of the also opposition Freedom and Direct Democracy Party (SPD), also announced in more than an hour of critical speech that his party representatives would vote against the government.

On December 17, Milos Zeman appointed the five-party government of Petr Fiala, a bourgeois Democrat politician. According to the Czech constitution, the new cabinet had to submit its program to parliament within 30 days and ask for trust in itself.

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