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2022.01.15. 08:47

Another article from the Ukrainian language law on print media will take effect on Sunday. Effective January 16th Article 25 In the event that a press product is not published in Ukrainian, it will be mandatory to distribute it in the state language in the same quantity as the original.

As previously reported, the Education Act passed in 2017 was in conflict with Ukraine’s previous language law (which has since been repealed), and a new state language law was needed.

The State Language Act, passed on April 25, 2019, consists of several parts that will enter into force gradually. Some provisions have been in effect since 16 July 2019, but there are also articles that will come into force in 2030.

Since 16 July 2019, the names of airports, railway stations and bus stops in the country can only be written in Ukrainian, and administration can only be done in the state language. Just a year ago, regulations came into force on trade, education services (clubs and professions), medical care and social services.

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