Index - Abroad - Putin received his third vaccination through Orron

Russian President Vladimir Putin received his new vaccine through the nose, according to a report by Russia Today near the Kremlin.

Earlier, the Index also reported that Putin received a third dose of Sputnik Light vaccine. It is now revealed that the Russian president has received a new nasal vaccine. It is planned that the new vaccine during the test phase may help protect the upper respiratory tract from the virus.

According to Vladimir Putin’s report, doctors asked him to take a deep breath and account for three. He added he didn’t even feel anything during the process.

The nasal formula developed by the Russian Gamaleja Institute is based on the Sputnik V vaccine. Genyis Logunov, head of the institute’s microbiology department, said the new vaccine was easy to transport and administer, painless, and had “absolutely minimal side effects.”

The paper notes that only about 40 percent of the Russian population is fully vaccinated to date, so there is a great need to promote the vaccine, especially in light of the rather poor epidemic data.

(via Russia Today)

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