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The Ukrainian investigating authority, in consultation with the Prosecutor General’s Office, has initiated the arrest of Ukrainian opposition politician and businessman Viktor Medvedchuk, the MTI reported. At noon, Viktor Medvedchuk, one of the leaders of the Opposition Platform – For Life Party and a member of parliament, accused of treason and support for terrorism, was handed over by the investigating authority to initiate the arrest.

Renat Kuzmin, a member of the opposition politician, wrote on the community side that the arrest could be waived only if a bail of one billion hryvnia (HUF 11.5 billion) was paid, the Union news agency.

In the entry, the MP recalled that the opposition politician is currently under house arrest, which he has not violated, and the court has no right to aggravate the precautionary measure taken earlier.

The amount of bail is set at one billion hryvnia. Billion! Actually, why only a billion, why not a trillion or a quintillion?

– erupted the politician, adding that Medvedchuk is unable to deposit such a bail, as he is unable to transfer the amount due to the sanctions previously imposed on him by the National Security and Defense Council.

On October 8, Medvedchuk, referred to as Russian President Vladimir Putin’s coma, is charged with further crimes of treason and support for terrorism: the investigating authority suspects that he was involved in illegal coal purchases in the breakaway Donetsk Basin during 2014-2015. Medvedchuk was placed under house arrest in May this year by a court in Kiev, which also ordered him to wear tracer leggings.

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