Piracy and kidnapping: this is the most dangerous sea in the world

According to the director of U.S. national intelligence, it is not Afghanistan that is the main problem for the United States in connection with possible terrorist attacks. Avril Haines said at a conference: Somalia, Yemen, Syria and Iraq pose a greater threat to Washington. He added that the Islamic State is primarily responsible for the terrorist threat, despite the fact that the Taliban’s takeover in Afghanistan has aroused fear, said a CNN.

The director indicated that intelligence gathering capabilities in Afghanistan have diminished as U.S. forces have been withdrawn and the Washington-backed Kabul government has failed. However, he noted, the intelligence community has been preparing for this scenario for some time.

Just last year, 135 sailors were captured. The EU is trying new, tougher solutions.

ISIS-K, the Afghan wing of the Islamic State, undertook the August 26 assassination, in which 13 Americans and several Afghans were killed. Haines said they are monitoring whether terrorist organizations are reorganizing. He pointed out that the Islamic State is still operating in Syria and Iraq, although their influence has diminished as a result of American action. Al-Qaeda’s Yemeni organization has already tried to organize an American terrorist attack.

In Somalia, action must be taken against al-Shabaab, which committed a terrorist attack in 2020 against a U.S. interest in Kenya.

Several Americans were killed in the assassination.

The director stressed that the actions of the intelligence services had significantly reduced the terrorist threat to the United States since September 11, 2001. thanks to these efforts.

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