South Korea conducted a successful test on Wednesday with a submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM), a few hours after North Korea also fired two ballistic missiles off the country’s east coast, MTI reported.

The South Korean presidential office said Head of State Mun Jay In was also monitoring the rocket test, which was carried out on a self-made submarine. According to the announcement, the missile covered the planned distance and hit the designated target accurately.

Kim Jo Jong, North Korea’s leading sister in high-ranking positions in the Communist Korean Labor Party in North Korea, criticized Mun’s involvement in the missile experiment and his remark on the ground that developing South Korean missile capabilities could deter North Korea from provoking.

If the President joins the defamation against the other party, it will inevitably lead to retaliation, which will lead to the complete cessation of relations between North and South Korea.

Said the sister of the North Korean leader.

The SLBM missile has significant deterrent power to threats from all directions at once and is expected to play a major role in South Korea’s self-defense and peace-building on the Korean Peninsula, the South Korean presidential office said.

South Korea has thus become the seventh country after the United States, Russia, China, Britain, France and India to have its own high-value SLBM missile. North Korea also claims to have developed a submarine-launched ballistic missile itself, but South Korean security officials say Pyongyang only carried out its successful attempt from a floating platform, not an actual submarine.

As we wrote, North Korea fired two ballistic missiles from the country’s east coast. The news was confirmed by the Japanese Coast Guard, adding that the projectiles did not reach Japanese territorial waters.

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