Blatnica city

The civic association Libertate in southern Slovakia has come up with a new initiative, a database of hiking trails in the Highlands. When opened as a website, csavarGO offers a collection of castles, castle ruins, castles and the roads leading to them, and when used as a smartphone application, it offers the possibility to perform the excursions in its database.

ScrewGO is an innovative PWA (Progressive Web Apps) website, which can run as a phone application and can even be used offline.

According to its developers, csavarGO can provide excellent motivation for children and adults alike to move around, develop physical fitness, strengthen Hungarian awareness, develop environmentally conscious behavior, and spend useful time together with families and groups of children.

As a website, csavarGO is a database of upland hiking trails, which invites those interested in walking and cycling tours, presenting the Csallóköz, the Danube and Mátyusföld in its current state of readiness, but later the developers promise further upland roaming opportunities.

Blatnica city

Photo: ScrewGo

Hikers can read useful and interesting information about the routes and the sights, castles, castles and castle ruins along the routes on the website, as well as view the route, sights and checkpoints of each excursion in map view.

Nowadays, in addition to getting to know the hiking trails that present the most beautiful castle ruins, using a smartphone, a modern technical device hidden in everyone’s pocket, with screwGO application it is also possible to verify the routes in your database. The trip is verified in this case by registering the touch of the checkpoints using the phone’s GPS. In addition, proven accomplishments allow registered users to earn points to be rewarded.

The Highland ScrewGO offers a complex experience and can be recommended from the other side of the border, as the starting point of the 5.3-kilometer tour of Garamkövesd or the 11.4-kilometer Burda tour is only a few kilometers from Szob in Pest County.

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