Index - Abroad - The British prime minister would stop a flood of migrants

Have an agreement on the readmission of migrants crossing the English Channel. This was suggested by the British Prime Minister to the French President. In a letter to Emmanuel Macron, Boris Johnson put it: it could be the most important step in ruining the business model of human trafficking gangs, the telegraph office wrote.

The other day, at least 27 people, including seven women and three children, drowned in the sea as they tried to cross the Straits of Dover from France to England in dinghies.

The British prime minister added that London had proposed five measures to curb illegal immigration through the English Channel.

These include joint police patrols off the coast of France and maritime surveillance. In addition, state-of-the-art technical equipment such as radars would be installed, which would enhance aerial surveillance. Johnson also called for closer cooperation between intelligence services in a letter to the French president.

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