Index - Abroad - The Czech president's recovery may take longer

Ivana Zemanová, the wife of Czech head of state Milos Zeman, confirmed on Thursday that her husband was ill, but did not provide any specifics about Zeman’s state of health, MTI reported.

In a statement made in Hradyn, Prague, Zemanová called it clear that the press was interested in the president’s state of health.

I can confirm that my husband underwent treatment, which is time consuming. I find the guesswork about his diagnosis unethical

Said the head of state’s wife, who stood in front of reporters accompanied by her daughter. In her short statement, Zemanová asked the press for patience and understanding.

Head of State Milos Zeman, who has played a key role in government formation talks, has been at the Central Military Hospital in Prague since Sunday, where he is cared for in the intensive care unit. The exact diagnosis of his illness has not been made public, but a hospital spokesman said the head of state was stable. The 77-year-old president must give someone a mandate to form a government no later than 30 days after the election, unless no one preserves the result by then.

Presidential spokesman Jirí Ovcácek said Wednesday that the president its condition is stable , communicates with its environment and monitors the situation after the Czech elections.

It is not yet clear how long the head of state will be in the hospital. According to Ovcác, this is decided by doctors at the right time.

A spokesman said on Thursday that Milos Zeman would convene a new House of Representatives based on the October elections by 8 November. According to the rules, the first sitting of the new lower house of parliament must be convened no later than 30 days after the election. This will also expire the period during which the election results can be preserved.

Radek Vondrácek, Speaker of the lower house of parliament, announced that he would then convene the inaugural meeting of the House of Representatives on the day at which the current leaders of the body would resign and elect the new governing bodies and members of the commissions.

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