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Aliens do not pose a threat to the human race, according to Demi Lovato. The American singer spoke about this in a documentary about extraterrestrial life, where she stated, among other things, that if there was anything that wanted to endanger us, it would have already happened.

I think we need to stop calling them aliens because it’s a derogatory marker. That’s why I like to call them ETs (extraterrestrial)! The word “foreign” is used for immigrants and those from other countries, making it extremely controversial and considered dehumanizing by immigrants

– recalls the singer a CNN.

Demi Lovato also said her documentary series aims to “understand how much we need to take care of our planet and also how much we need to learn about expanding our consciousness and vision”.

The singer added that “the world is becoming an increasingly open place, which suggests that we are moving slowly but surely”.

(Cover image: Demi Lovato March 20, 2017. Photo: Mike Pont / FilmMagic / Getty Images)

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