Index - Abroad - They ate at KFC for too long, they were fined

One hundred pounds received a fine an elderly couple because he ate at KFC’s restaurant for too long. The incident took place in Sutton Coldfield, England. Tony Long, 77, and his wife, Pailne, 75, met two friends at the restaurant. However, the two of them exceeded the one-hour parking limit for fast-food parking by 34 minutes.

“We just wanted to meet our friends we haven’t seen since the epidemic started, we’ve been punished for that,” complained Tony Long, who also said their friends live near this fast food restaurant, so they arrived on foot. He added that they had not noticed or been informed that there was a parking limit in place, so they thought, like Tesco, it was possible to park here for three hours.

In many places, the warning is written on such a small tag that the text cannot be seen

Tony Long said of the incident.

The couple received a £ 100 fine, with the proviso that if they paid £ 60 within two weeks, they would get away with it. The elderly couple unsuccessfully appealed the penalty to the company, so they decided to

they don’t go to KFC anymore,

although the man had been to the fast food restaurant regularly before. The incident has also spread on social media anyway and several have said that they will not go to the fast food restaurant after that either.

In response, KFC changed his mind and canceled the penalty.

A spokesman for the company said there is usually no problem with parking because most of their customers finish much earlier than an hour. However, they were very happy that the elderly couple met their friends at their place and so they decided to cancel the sentence.

In Hungary, KFC had a scandal in 2017 when the security guard of their restaurant on Király utca beat an employee of Index. He was later convicted in court.

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