Index - Abroad - They were dangerous to everyone, Romanian holes were sent home from NATO military exercises

Romanian tanks sent home from Green Griffin 21 NATO exercise in Germany because oil spilled from them – writes Main square.

It was reported in official communications that the tanks passed the test, but theRomanian press was informedthat, in comparison, the situation was not very bright in reality. The military exercise took place last week, the 812th Infantry Battalion in Banská Bystrica trained in Brandenburg with the military units of the other countries. As part of the exercise, they marched from Klietz to Lehnin’s training ground with 12 combat vehicles.

meanwhile, however, the fuel from their VEHICLES was just tilted.

By the time the problem was noticed, the fuel had already covered the road for ten kilometers.

Thus, the road authorities had to clean the roads with special vehicles,

as the oil soaked into the asphalt was very difficult to remove.

A German press according to him, the problem was caused by the fact that the Romanian tanks were obsolete, even made on the basis of Soviet technology.

The problem vehicles were eventually repatriated to Romania,

as they did not trust that if they rode their own wheel, the accident would not be repeated.

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